Connect to the world again by Speed Byte’s

Traveling around the world can be amazing but the moment that you have to stay in a location where the phone reception is poor turns out to be a pain. The reason is simple that you cannot use your data plan to connect with the world. It turns out to be more devastating when the internet connection of the hotel you are staying in is also bad.

This is the time when you ask for the internet café. So that you can connect with the world and let your loved ones know that you are fine.

Speed Byte’s

You might be in love with the WiFi and the idea of your cellular network providing you the data plan. However, the internet café will never lose its importance. This is the reason that in the region of Manila the Speed Byte’s internet café can be regarded as the life savior.

The moment that I stepped foot into the café you will not believe that it felt like I have been saved. In this age of technology living without the internet connection is like you do not even exist.


The interior of the café was simply amazing. It was so properly managed that it made my mouth. The seats of all the desktops were properly arranged. Despite the little distance among the two computers still, there was a proper partition that your privacy will not be disturbed at any cost. the best thing that you will notice that even people there would not let you stick your nose in the business of other people. So you have to be aware and make sure that you stay on your own computer and let others do their work.


The most important thing that you must know is that they had the best internet connection that I might have used at any internet café.

  • I felt in love with the speed at which the pages were loading. Even there was no issue in playing the videos as well.
  • The staff was so generous that they will let you stay as long as you like without any disturbance
  • All you have to do is pay for the time you want to use their services and the cost was also affordable
  • The seating arrangement was comfortable even with so many people around the internal environment was fresh

Contact details

In case that, you are looking forward to visiting the Speed Byte’s café the simple address is Ground Floor EGI Taft Towers, Taft Ave, Manila. You can also contact them at +63 2 567 0052 or on their 1300 Numbers 1300 333 191.

So if you are new to this town or facing a problem with your internet connection do not worry because Speed Byte’s is the perfect place for you to visit. It will be your let out in the time of need because you can even give your presentation online the connection is so perfect.

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